Here you will find many resources around the web that I find useful for myself and I hope will be profitable and edifying to you as well. As vast as the internet is, I unfortunately cannot keep track of every Reformed resource out there as well as I would like, but my hope is that what you find here is a selection of the best resources I have knowledge of.

Note: Eventually I hope to have all resources annotated for ease of use, but as this is a lengthy process, my current goal is to provide links to them first and then go back and annotate each link.

I welcome below any resource recommendations you have that are not listed on this blog already. Please observe the following guidelines:

1. They must be Reformed in nature or contain information relevant to the Reformed perspective. (i.e., do not submit a link to an Assemblies of God article arguing for a believers’ possible loss of salvation).

2. Verify the link first to ensure it is functional.

3. Make sure the resource falls under one of the categories I have listed (Tools, Articles, Sermons, Bloggage, Churches). If you would like to recommend a new category be added, please go here and submit a general comment.